Collecting “Trousseau suits” ….such a task! (but so much fun ;) )

Hello all, this post is very close to my heart, because past these few months, all that I’ve been doing is collecting my trousseau suits & sari’s. No guys, I’m not getting married anytime soon, but you see,collecting suits and sari’s for a girl’s trousseau is not a one day or a one month task. if one wants to add a lot of variety and styles, you really have to explore. There are sooooo many places to explore and every store has something unique to offer, but one has to keep in mind one’s budget (it’s a must). I’ve collected few suits and i have to admit..i love all of them. Collecting trousseau is a task but it is also a lot of fun (shopping is always fun) one thing that i always keep in mind is that i don’t really want to collect the same colors , so writing it down has clearly made it so easy for me. i recently bought this very cute diary, in which i jot down every color, price of my purchase. I really suggest this to every girl to make records of everything you buy and with the color details, it just gets a lot easier. I’ve currently picked few suits from Chandigarh and few from Patiala (Suhag-they really have traditional stuff ) and a few from Jaipur. i will soon be sharing few pictures of my trousseau collection. Till then xx


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