Go natural with MAC celestial kiss (cremesheen glass)

This is the new addition in my make up box and I adore it. let me tell you all something about myself, i love natural make up looks, this may have something to do with the weather I live in, it’s always so hot, leaving just December and January. Most of the year, it is so terribly hot, and i just cannot think of doing crazy amount of caked make up for day wear, it starts melting in just an hour. i will definitely get back to this later, but coming back to the creme sheen  i really have to tell you guys, it is sooooo natural and a complete day wear. though i love all the bright colors but somehow nothing dark and too bright for me in the daytime. this is so subtle and so smooth. it gives a perfect shine to the lips. and coming to my favorite part, its gorgeous scent ….so vanilla!! (yum yum). it gives a beautiful nude peach color, it adds just the right glow. for all those, who just love a little peach sheen to their lips…go grab a celestial kiss. it’s a perfect work wear and glamorous enough for those gorgeous day dates 😉

Will I repurchase oh yes!!

price – 1150 ~ so MAC  ImageImageImage


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