Gorgeous MAC shades

Hello guys, today I want to share all my favorite MAC lip shades for all seasons. I love them, the colors are vibrant and beautiful and enhance my wheatish complexion. I have always loved them and do repurchase them when required. So, starting with

VEGAS VOLT,it is a beautiful bright coral orangish color. what i love about it , is its creamy and rich finish. it works like a sparkle, its intense color brightens my complexion and works perfectly with my skin tone. it’s actually a mood lifter for me, it recharges me instantly and gives such an opaque finish.I always team it up with my Indian attire, for functions and weddings. it draws soooo much attention 😉 !! I feel everyone should try this, it works wonders!!

The next shade is COSMO ( amplified) it is a rich creamy pink. it hydrates my lips because of its rich creamy texture. it sets perfectly with my skin tone, and I one of my fav’s. Cosmo is definitely a must have, if you are one those peach -pink lovers, then please go grab one. it is very neutral and perfect pink.

SNOB- I call it my bubble gum lipstick. it so reminds of my pink hubba bubba ;), snob is bright pink color and is a satin finish, it is a different greyish pink, I always team it up with my neutral kohled eyes, and I usually wear it for the evenings, and it looks pretty.

CROSSWIRES- I love and love it more everyday, it is one of those coral pinks colors, which is gorgeous. I always wear it and literally have to stop myself from just rubbing the same thing on my lips everyday. it is a creamy color, it doesn’t fade off easily, it stays for quite some time. gives me an opaque finish, looks rich and pretty. I think this is one of those shade, which suit most of the skin tones. so please try it and write about it to me 🙂

JUBLIEE- Where do I start from, actually i recently bought it. at first, I wasn’t too sure about it but now whenever, i have little time to dress, and cant really match things up, this is my life saver, I completely trust this product and the way it makes me feel, so natural and yet so stunning. i always recommend this to all of my friends and they love it. it  gives me a glossy feeling -so perfect 🙂

YASH-  it’s a matte shade and oh so gorgeous! its a neutral color , and is so natural. it is one of the best that MAC does, stated by Mickey contractor!! so grab it ASAP!!



SNOB                                                                                           CROSSWIRES


YASH                                                                                                JUBILEE


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