I know its been long :/ but hey i’m back with my new post :)

Hello guys, hope everyone’s been good. i’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to write. but this is something i’ve wanted to share. i recently made a trip to Delhi and yes i had a blast. it was a lot of fun. i was actually there for a wedding but still somehow managed to sneak into Emporio. and yes i did buy bags and fell in love with more. and guess what guys, i also visited all the indian designers in emporia like Tarun Tahiliani, abu jani was closed :/ , and few others. i really liked some stuff and i genuinely also liked few price tags, specially after reading about all the hoopla about tarun tahiliani prices, i was actually dreading stepping inside the store, but somehow wanted to at least give a glance at his designs and yes i was expecting the outfits to be priced outrageously, though yes, they were expensive but not something totally bizarre like 11!! i actually really liked a red lehenga , it was really traditional and beautiful but priced at almost 4, not happening. i’m on this stricted budget of 2, and 2 literally means 1.99, not a penny above two!! i’m really hoping to get something so so pretty and different then all the ones i’ve ever seen yet really traditional and wedding like. so i’m very strong about finding one. yay 🙂 anyway guys i’m posting a link below of few tarun’s lehenga’s.

courtesy – google


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