Make up Forever HD foundation Review

Hello guys, I’m back with another review , and this time its about my current foundation , which is Make up for ever no 127. i recently purchased it , you can say about a month ago, and i have used it a couple of times now. and i really wanted to share my views on it with you guys. its holy grail for few and not so worthy for the others. well, accordingly to me , i definitely like the product. i do also have certain issues, that i will be sharing with you guys.

Okay, to start with, i really like the packaging, it is definitely easy. it comes with a pump. so like few other foundations to name, such as Nars and even mac , there foundations don’t come with a pump. you will have to buy it separate. so with the MUFE you don’t have to worry about it, as it comes with a pump. i really feel , the pump makes it easier to use. its hygienic. and you know how much of the product you want.

the quality is really fine and like its suppose to be HD, and give a invisible finish. it does justice to the name. i definitely gives a very light and invisible kind of finish. its definitely build-able. it is a sheer to medium coverage foundation, but for all those wanting to buy light weight formula foundation, i think you must give this one a try. it is extremely light weight, you feel like you are not wearing anything on your face. i really found it weightless on my face after using the mac studio fix fluid. because that foundation is super heavy on my face and does leave my face looking cakey 😦 

Talking about the coverage, it gives a very sheer coverage ( according to me). people say its a medium , i feel its a sheer coverage, which is definitely build-able to medium. its not a full coverage. i love wearing this in summer , when i want something feeling extremely light on my face. it gives me a sheer coverage, and i love it. i do have to use a concealer though.


Something that i don’t like about this foundation,  the price for sure!! its super expensive for a 30 ml 😦 !! 

Application: i generally apply my foundations with a foundation brush or a sponge. but recently bought 2 sigma foundation brushes and I’m going crazy over them!! so I’m using this foundation with my sigma kabuki brush and its fab!! loving the result with it. 

Pros : 

Extremely lightweight

decent coverage

wide range of shades to match your skin tone

photographs so well

Cons:   Image

expensive $$$$




Chanel powder blush : Reflex <3

Hello people, i know i know , its been ages, but i’m back!! and i do promise to keep up with my regular posts. hope you all have been well and in happy spirits.

Okay guys, today i’m doing this post on my new Chanel powder blush called Reflex. This is a shade that my brother got me from Australia & I’m loving it. so i thought i might as well share it with you guys. so its a peach coral mix. i have to admit that i’m partial to peaches, corals and deeper pinks. this is a beautiful shade, made for every skin tone. i’m wheatish and it blends in beautifully, my friend is fair and she loves this shade. reflex can be worn both for the day time and in the evening, i preferably wear it in the evening because it has shimmer, and i don’t like too much shimmer on my face during the day time. but yes, i have worn it in the day time, and it looks fresh. Its a Chanel, so it comes in a beautiful packing , that we all are familiar with. it comes with a brush. and a velvet case ( how fancy !!) 😛


  • Comes in a beautiful case with a mirror , makes it so easy to slip it in your handbag
  • comes with a brush! so no brush hassle
  • so smooth & blends so easy


  • definitely Expensive :/
  • strong fragrance

Availability: Only available at selected Chanel outlets

Images below:

Chanel Reflex

Chanel Reflex


i’d love your feedback guys!! 🙂