Make up Forever HD foundation Review

Hello guys, I’m back with another review , and this time its about my current foundation , which is Make up for ever no 127. i recently purchased it , you can say about a month ago, and i have used it a couple of times now. and i really wanted to share my views on it with you guys. its holy grail for few and not so worthy for the others. well, accordingly to me , i definitely like the product. i do also have certain issues, that i will be sharing with you guys.

Okay, to start with, i really like the packaging, it is definitely easy. it comes with a pump. so like few other foundations to name, such as Nars and even mac , there foundations don’t come with a pump. you will have to buy it separate. so with the MUFE you don’t have to worry about it, as it comes with a pump. i really feel , the pump makes it easier to use. its hygienic. and you know how much of the product you want.

the quality is really fine and like its suppose to be HD, and give a invisible finish. it does justice to the name. i definitely gives a very light and invisible kind of finish. its definitely build-able. it is a sheer to medium coverage foundation, but for all those wanting to buy light weight formula foundation, i think you must give this one a try. it is extremely light weight, you feel like you are not wearing anything on your face. i really found it weightless on my face after using the mac studio fix fluid. because that foundation is super heavy on my face and does leave my face looking cakey 😦 

Talking about the coverage, it gives a very sheer coverage ( according to me). people say its a medium , i feel its a sheer coverage, which is definitely build-able to medium. its not a full coverage. i love wearing this in summer , when i want something feeling extremely light on my face. it gives me a sheer coverage, and i love it. i do have to use a concealer though.


Something that i don’t like about this foundation,  the price for sure!! its super expensive for a 30 ml 😦 !! 

Application: i generally apply my foundations with a foundation brush or a sponge. but recently bought 2 sigma foundation brushes and I’m going crazy over them!! so I’m using this foundation with my sigma kabuki brush and its fab!! loving the result with it. 

Pros : 

Extremely lightweight

decent coverage

wide range of shades to match your skin tone

photographs so well

Cons:   Image

expensive $$$$




Chanel powder blush : Reflex <3

Hello people, i know i know , its been ages, but i’m back!! and i do promise to keep up with my regular posts. hope you all have been well and in happy spirits.

Okay guys, today i’m doing this post on my new Chanel powder blush called Reflex. This is a shade that my brother got me from Australia & I’m loving it. so i thought i might as well share it with you guys. so its a peach coral mix. i have to admit that i’m partial to peaches, corals and deeper pinks. this is a beautiful shade, made for every skin tone. i’m wheatish and it blends in beautifully, my friend is fair and she loves this shade. reflex can be worn both for the day time and in the evening, i preferably wear it in the evening because it has shimmer, and i don’t like too much shimmer on my face during the day time. but yes, i have worn it in the day time, and it looks fresh. Its a Chanel, so it comes in a beautiful packing , that we all are familiar with. it comes with a brush. and a velvet case ( how fancy !!) 😛


  • Comes in a beautiful case with a mirror , makes it so easy to slip it in your handbag
  • comes with a brush! so no brush hassle
  • so smooth & blends so easy


  • definitely Expensive :/
  • strong fragrance

Availability: Only available at selected Chanel outlets

Images below:

Chanel Reflex

Chanel Reflex


i’d love your feedback guys!! 🙂

Inglot blushes + eye-shadows: review

Hello all the lovely people, today i want to share my views on my inglot blushers & eye shadows, which i have been using for quite some time now. i bought these in London Westfield ( oh i miss the place 😦 ) but coming back to the track, okay guys so, i got these in London, for my birthday. and i have been using these since. i picked up all these shades on my own, according to what i prefer. i picked up 4 big boxes of blushers/ bronzers, and 10 shades of bright beautiful colours of my eye shadows. okay, looking at my eye shadows, you guys must be wondering, why did i pick all these bright neon clouds, my answer to that will be because, i also use naked eyeshadows by urban decay, and that palette has all the nude basic colours one needs. but here, i wanted to go dig in these beautiful colours, and somehow thought that yes, i would love to wear these during the wedding season and experiment with them and my indian outfits, i have been wearing these a lot at night time, for like night functions, i do bold eyes with nude lips, i team up one bright colour with keeping the rest minimal and play the with the bright shadows , trust me guys, they look lovely.


USAGE: both their products come in very soft creamy yet powdery textures. they blend beautifully in the skin. they colour boxes are pretty decant in sizes , so they last for good amount of time and you can be liberal while using them. i usually blend one bright colour with the other toned down shade, and they’ve lasted me quite some time.

SHADES: inglot is such a brand that you need not worry about he colour, there colour range is beyond amazing. you can find any colour that you’re looking for, i mean the exact same colour, yes! i picked up these four lovely colours, in my blusher pallet, 1 rosy pink with a hint of shimmer and the other matte deep peachish colour with 2 bronzers, why?! because that is whenever i travel, i can just carry this simple case and my cheeks are sorted. its been some time that I’ve bought these so i don’t remember the exact shades, but then I’m posting the picture. and with my eye shadows, i went wild picking the brightest and gorgeous colours,because i wanted to own a palette with colours such as these, so experiment and go different on my eyes, and i must say they look spectacular , i promise to post a eye tutorial using these.



ABOUT PRODUCT: my favourite thing about these products is the way they are packed, they come in rectangular magnetic pan boxes, you just use the product and place the pan back,  you can even turn in upside down, nothing falls 😀 ( how cool)


  • amazing colour range
  • santin-like finish
  • blends beautifully into the skin
  • stays on for 6-7 hours 🙂
  • smooth textured powder
  • paraben free
  • value for money


  • nothing really 🙂


Guys, i would love your feedback. till then xx

The Body Shop hand cleanse gel: Review

Hello beautiful people 🙂 , today I’m writing a post about my new product, which i just recently bought from the body shop. its a hand cleanse gel! yes, body shop’s come up with these mini hand cleansing gels which come in really cute attractive mini plastic bottles. they are available in different fragnances, i picked the one in strawberry. (because i love strawberry 😀 )


its actually suppose to do a job of a hand sanitizer, but they are called hand cleansing gels, may be because they have no triclosan. it works magic, when you really need fresh smelling and bacteria free hands & when you  just really cannot wash them, like if your at work or in a meeting, travelling ,then this is just what you want.

USAGE: the gels are absolutely colourless, they come in a thick texture, you just need a pea-size amount on your hand, and then you can just rub them together. you feel like your hands are squeaky clean. and they also leave your hands smelling so strawberry like. you feel really fresh & confident about your hands.The bottle’s absolutely delicious looking, its so cute that you actually feel like picking it up in the store. and its pretty useful, i use it like all the time, when I’m out , before i eat and after, when I’m travelling and whenever i actually feel the need to.


ALSO AVAILABLE IN : Mango, Lemon, Satsuma and Coconut

PRICED AT: 245 Rs 🙂 (im really happy about that because they actually last pretty long )




its perfect for everyday 🙂

i really hope you guys enjoyed the post , do revert back. till then xx


Clinique pore refining solutions: review

Hello people, hope everyone’s chilling! i literally mean chilling , the temperature’s crazy and yes, its freezing. But i still love the season (make up lasts for so long). today I’m writing about my Clinique pore minimiser, Okay, so i was looking for a product that would make my pores disappear. especially on my nose and cheek areas, and i always hated how i could see my pores after my make up would be on for few hours. it just makes the face look eww !! and i really wanted to get rid of the appearance of pores on my face and wanted a more even ,smooth flawless finish with my make up. i was actually told that primer does help decrease the appearance of pores, and i have to admit that yes it does, but does not really help 100% , they still somehow manage to show. so i really wanted a solution for this…. and guess what i found one. 🙂 

i was just cribbing to my aunt , telling her how i was so desperate to find one solution for my pores, she then suggested me this product from Clinique that she swears by. and its called the Clinique pore refining solution ( the name sounds so correct 😉 ) and then i couldn’t wait to grab one. i recently bought this and i wanted to do actually use it before i review on it. so i did and the results were awesome. its like a miracle tube, for all those willing to get rid of large pores, it like you use it and they just vanish , like they were never there before, and it helps build the foundation pretty well, so one can achieve the flawless and even complexion.

WHAT THE PRODUCT CLAIMS: It is called the pore refining solutions instant perfector,it reads, looks smooth & virtually flawless instantly. pores seem to disappear. Natural looking matte finish lasts up-to 8 hours as smart technology manages excess oil when and where needed. resists sweat and humidity.

it is available in 4 shades, i chose the invisible deep. the texture is very light and gel like. it blend really fast leaving absolutely no residue behind .

USAGE: i use it before my make up but i have actually come across people who also use it after their foundation. but i personally use it before my concealer and foundation and i  think it looks lovely and leaves a beautiful base to work the foundation. it comes in few shades and that really helps the product to blend in the skin and not look artificial on the skin. i really have pores and i use it after my moisturiser and before my primer. you can actually skip the primer and use the foundation directly after applying this, but i somehow like it before my primer, so it just makes my face so even and gives a good base to work the foundation well.i usually take a tiny pea size, and rub it on my problem areas and blend it well. and wait for minute before i dab on my primer over my face. 

PRETTY HANDY : it comes in a small tube , so you will have no issues dragging this along, because its so light and the tube make it so easy and hygienic to use.

CON’S: Too expensive ( its 1500 RS, for a tiny tiny tube – not fair :/ )

GRADE: Definitely an “A”      



Clinique BB cream review

Hello people, hope everyone’s doing great. this is a post of my new Clinique bb cream. I just recently bought this one. and this is my 2nd bb cream ever. the first one I ever bought was the from The body shop, and I’m not a big fan of that one.I was definitely a little skeptical about investing into another bb cream, but this one did not disappoint me. and I really want to use a bb cream and be happy with and keep foundation away from my face for a bit. okay , so firstly this is a product by Clinique, which is a good brand for skin, and buying products from Clinique will always give you satisfaction that you aren’t putting chemicals on your face. I honestly love Clinique skin products such as cleanser, toner and products for imperfections like for pores,etc.

So, im sure everybody is pretty aware of bb creams, ( blemish balms ) they originated from Korea. it is so popular among the women all over the world now. it is a cream based balm for face, which gives coverage and is also supposedly doing no-harm to your skin. it has the advantages of skin care & make up in one. it improves the skin condition and even’s it out as-well. it produces a very natural no make up look, hence covers all pigmentation , discolouration and acne scars , leaving an even natural flawless skin tone. no wonder this product has so much craze everywhere.




Okay now coming back to my new Clinique bb cream. the cover says it is a perfecting cream, conceals, helps prevent premature signs of ageing with UVA/UVB protection. unique complex of optics helps instantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Antioxidants help defend against environmental aggressors. anti irritants instantly smooth. long wearing , oil control formula  works beautifully under foundation or alone, skin feels smooth and soft . looks brighter and perfected.


Fairer , smooth, toned out skin tone, with the SPF protection, oil control & moisturised. then this is definitely what you should invest into. it gives me good coverage, skin feels evened out and smooth and brighter.

SHELF LIFE:-36 MONTHS ( pretty long 🙂 )


It gives me a very natural and beautiful coverage. i honestly love it and it is super smooth on my face and i might suggest that if you’re wanting that a little extra flawless even tone. you might like to use it after a concealer , for an extra oomph!!

PRICE: 1900 for 40 ml ( i know :/ )

Pro’s :

flawless coverage, even’s out the skin tone, has SPF in it so no worries about sun harm, available in 4 shades ( in number 1 2 3 4) , does reduce the appearance of fine lines. oil controlling, blends easily and feels light.

Con’s :

Too expensive