The Body Shop hand cleanse gel: Review

Hello beautiful people 🙂 , today I’m writing a post about my new product, which i just recently bought from the body shop. its a hand cleanse gel! yes, body shop’s come up with these mini hand cleansing gels which come in really cute attractive mini plastic bottles. they are available in different fragnances, i picked the one in strawberry. (because i love strawberry 😀 )


its actually suppose to do a job of a hand sanitizer, but they are called hand cleansing gels, may be because they have no triclosan. it works magic, when you really need fresh smelling and bacteria free hands & when you  just really cannot wash them, like if your at work or in a meeting, travelling ,then this is just what you want.

USAGE: the gels are absolutely colourless, they come in a thick texture, you just need a pea-size amount on your hand, and then you can just rub them together. you feel like your hands are squeaky clean. and they also leave your hands smelling so strawberry like. you feel really fresh & confident about your hands.The bottle’s absolutely delicious looking, its so cute that you actually feel like picking it up in the store. and its pretty useful, i use it like all the time, when I’m out , before i eat and after, when I’m travelling and whenever i actually feel the need to.


ALSO AVAILABLE IN : Mango, Lemon, Satsuma and Coconut

PRICED AT: 245 Rs 🙂 (im really happy about that because they actually last pretty long )




its perfect for everyday 🙂

i really hope you guys enjoyed the post , do revert back. till then xx



Inglot Nail enamels

Hello guys, hope you’ve been good. i recently visited ludhiana silver arc mall ( newly opened) and loved the high street fashion stores there. finally Mango, promod arrives in Punjab. yippie ….well, i also spotted inglot make up store there, and was so curious to check it out , especially cuz i had heard so many of my friends raving about their mousse foundation and the gorgeous range of their nail enamels. the store is definitely packed with beautiful shades of nail paints, and you just have to name the colour and they have it for you. you know I’m so fond of the you tube make up or fashion tutorials and i love the colours girls usually spot in their videos, and i have never come across such a variety of nails colours ever, even mac doesn’t really do variety , they just always have the very few limited colours to pick from, and the other high street brands do actually have a decent colour range but somehow i don’t like their texture and they really aren’t smooth on the nails and take ages to dry 😦 . but i was so adamant on checking these inglot ones out, so i ended up picking 4 colours and trying them. the thing with these paints are that they don’t really have tempting names, they just use numbers there, like i picked number 359, 224, 168 and 984. well, i really cannot explain these to you, so I’m adding pictures.. 


Aren’t they gorgeous girls… i love them. I’m currently wearing the coral orangish peach which is number 359, it is absolutely stunning. girls , willing to splurge into nail paints please visit ingot. it has amazing shades & the texture is ultra smooth. well, they can be a little heavy on your pocket, they are priced at 500 Rs. 

you know when you just want that particular shade, like just that very shade, ( you just cannot compromise) then this is he place for you.  And the gold one i bought is just super pretty. its glittery and perfect. 

hope you guys enjoy this post.. lotsa love xx

All about pretty little things

Oh, so excited! this is my very first blog, and its about everything I love & everything sparkly.I always wanted to share every make up, wardrobe and fashion gossip, and this is just the place. I promise to share all my make up secrets and all the products I’ve always been in love with for years. I would really appreciate your feedback and your reviews,and please feel free to write to me about anything you want to share.