Inglot Nail enamels

Hello guys, hope you’ve been good. i recently visited ludhiana silver arc mall ( newly opened) and loved the high street fashion stores there. finally Mango, promod arrives in Punjab. yippie ….well, i also spotted inglot make up store there, and was so curious to check it out , especially cuz i had heard so many of my friends raving about their mousse foundation and the gorgeous range of their nail enamels. the store is definitely packed with beautiful shades of nail paints, and you just have to name the colour and they have it for you. you know I’m so fond of the you tube make up or fashion tutorials and i love the colours girls usually spot in their videos, and i have never come across such a variety of nails colours ever, even mac doesn’t really do variety , they just always have the very few limited colours to pick from, and the other high street brands do actually have a decent colour range but somehow i don’t like their texture and they really aren’t smooth on the nails and take ages to dry 😦 . but i was so adamant on checking these inglot ones out, so i ended up picking 4 colours and trying them. the thing with these paints are that they don’t really have tempting names, they just use numbers there, like i picked number 359, 224, 168 and 984. well, i really cannot explain these to you, so I’m adding pictures.. 


Aren’t they gorgeous girls… i love them. I’m currently wearing the coral orangish peach which is number 359, it is absolutely stunning. girls , willing to splurge into nail paints please visit ingot. it has amazing shades & the texture is ultra smooth. well, they can be a little heavy on your pocket, they are priced at 500 Rs. 

you know when you just want that particular shade, like just that very shade, ( you just cannot compromise) then this is he place for you.  And the gold one i bought is just super pretty. its glittery and perfect. 

hope you guys enjoy this post.. lotsa love xx


I know its been long :/ but hey i’m back with my new post :)

Hello guys, hope everyone’s been good. i’ve been so busy and haven’t been able to write. but this is something i’ve wanted to share. i recently made a trip to Delhi and yes i had a blast. it was a lot of fun. i was actually there for a wedding but still somehow managed to sneak into Emporio. and yes i did buy bags and fell in love with more. and guess what guys, i also visited all the indian designers in emporia like Tarun Tahiliani, abu jani was closed :/ , and few others. i really liked some stuff and i genuinely also liked few price tags, specially after reading about all the hoopla about tarun tahiliani prices, i was actually dreading stepping inside the store, but somehow wanted to at least give a glance at his designs and yes i was expecting the outfits to be priced outrageously, though yes, they were expensive but not something totally bizarre like 11!! i actually really liked a red lehenga , it was really traditional and beautiful but priced at almost 4, not happening. i’m on this stricted budget of 2, and 2 literally means 1.99, not a penny above two!! i’m really hoping to get something so so pretty and different then all the ones i’ve ever seen yet really traditional and wedding like. so i’m very strong about finding one. yay 🙂 anyway guys i’m posting a link below of few tarun’s lehenga’s.

courtesy – google

In love with the new Louis Vuitton speedy Bandouliere

Hello guys, this is the new love of my life. i’m in head over heels with the new speedy bag by louis Vuitton, its called the Bandouliere and oh my…is it beautiful!  the colour range is so fantastic, the coral orange, deep blue, burgundy …. oh so beautiful. i recently called the Delhi emporio Louis Vuitton store to enquire about the price, and was like oops… that is a bit too much for a speedy!! but i have to admit, that i absolutely love it. people really wanting to own a different speedy then all those basic Louis Vuitton speedy bags.. this is it! I’m not really a big fan of the basic speedy by LV , i think everyone has it, its so common and nothing fancy about it , and i guess speedy bags by Gucci, Burberry and Fendi fair a lot better then the LV one . so I’m writing down few links for you all to see the new love . Till then xx



IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6120 IMG_6117

Loving MEHR by MAC but COSMO too similar (:-/

Okay , so i wrote a post for all the gorgeous MAC shades that went gorgeous on my skin and on most of my friends. this time I’m writing about a shade named MEHR, and the hype it has actually created, i just recently bought it.  but i must confess that i love the shade, but its just too similar to my Cosmo by mac , they can look different , but they definitely are very similar. i really suggest to all those looking to buy Mehr, must visit the mac store , and try both Cosmo and mac and see whatever suits them better,  that should be their best buy. Till then xx

Dress for the “w” day

Hello everybody, today I’m writing about the wedding day, wedding day is one beautiful day, that we’ve all dreamt about, what will i wear, which colour, what designer, where will it be and how long will i take to find it, all of that. I’ve actually been doing all that past few months, i wonder what colour will i wear, and I’ve been deciding on few things here and there, but deciding isn’t all that simple, there are so many things one need to keep in mind. i really have to tell you guys that i love Sabyasachi, I’m like his big fan. i also adore Abu Sandeep khosla, how regal are their designs. also Mannish Malhotra is another Bollywood favourite, i love his outfits, he is so dreamy and fairy tale Bollywood style like. But buying the right lehenga is such a deal, they outfits by these designers can actually go over the top and screw you big time, your entire budget can get affected and then you seriously might have to sacrifice on quite some worthy stuff, like even a pair of gorgeous ear studs, IMAGINE THAT!! but coming back to the wedding day, everyone wants to look their best and stand out. nowadays , wedding is not really about red , you can even find her wear blue, or yellow or an orange. i’ve always dreamt of a multicoloured or a golden with a hint of red. how perfect would that be awwww!! anyways guys cheer up, now I’m writing down few places , where you all can actually get your dream attires and guess what in your own budget. Delhi is the place , so if you are in search of one, you can , and must have a look at these places,

  • Frontier Raas
  • Om Prakash in Chandni Chownk
  • Sabyasachi
  • Ogaan
  • Aza
  • please check Hauz khauz market in delhi, there are many upcoming designers, and they can do a wonderful job for you
  • Crescent mall Delhi
  • Emporio has few bridal stores.

I really hope this will help you and you will definitely agree to it. these places have beautiful outfits and you can actually find your perfect lehenga, in your budget. Till then xx

All about winter love

Hello guys, hope everyone’s doing well. This morning all that I wanted to do was write about the coming season…winter!! I love this season for 2 reasons, one, that I get to wear my jackets with winter hats and dresses with leggings with sexy boots, and second,  the make up will never melt, it is so cold. And my make up looks fantastic from 9 to 5 with no touch ups. Let me share few winter make up & wardrobe looks ( courtesy – pinterest ) feedback needed 🙂







Gorgeous MAC shades

Hello guys, today I want to share all my favorite MAC lip shades for all seasons. I love them, the colors are vibrant and beautiful and enhance my wheatish complexion. I have always loved them and do repurchase them when required. So, starting with

VEGAS VOLT,it is a beautiful bright coral orangish color. what i love about it , is its creamy and rich finish. it works like a sparkle, its intense color brightens my complexion and works perfectly with my skin tone. it’s actually a mood lifter for me, it recharges me instantly and gives such an opaque finish.I always team it up with my Indian attire, for functions and weddings. it draws soooo much attention 😉 !! I feel everyone should try this, it works wonders!!

The next shade is COSMO ( amplified) it is a rich creamy pink. it hydrates my lips because of its rich creamy texture. it sets perfectly with my skin tone, and I one of my fav’s. Cosmo is definitely a must have, if you are one those peach -pink lovers, then please go grab one. it is very neutral and perfect pink.

SNOB- I call it my bubble gum lipstick. it so reminds of my pink hubba bubba ;), snob is bright pink color and is a satin finish, it is a different greyish pink, I always team it up with my neutral kohled eyes, and I usually wear it for the evenings, and it looks pretty.

CROSSWIRES- I love and love it more everyday, it is one of those coral pinks colors, which is gorgeous. I always wear it and literally have to stop myself from just rubbing the same thing on my lips everyday. it is a creamy color, it doesn’t fade off easily, it stays for quite some time. gives me an opaque finish, looks rich and pretty. I think this is one of those shade, which suit most of the skin tones. so please try it and write about it to me 🙂

JUBLIEE- Where do I start from, actually i recently bought it. at first, I wasn’t too sure about it but now whenever, i have little time to dress, and cant really match things up, this is my life saver, I completely trust this product and the way it makes me feel, so natural and yet so stunning. i always recommend this to all of my friends and they love it. it  gives me a glossy feeling -so perfect 🙂

YASH-  it’s a matte shade and oh so gorgeous! its a neutral color , and is so natural. it is one of the best that MAC does, stated by Mickey contractor!! so grab it ASAP!!



SNOB                                                                                           CROSSWIRES


YASH                                                                                                JUBILEE