Clinique BB cream review

Hello people, hope everyone’s doing great. this is a post of my new Clinique bb cream. I just recently bought this one. and this is my 2nd bb cream ever. the first one I ever bought was the from The body shop, and I’m not a big fan of that one.I was definitely a little skeptical about investing into another bb cream, but this one did not disappoint me. and I really want to use a bb cream and be happy with and keep foundation away from my face for a bit. okay , so firstly this is a product by Clinique, which is a good brand for skin, and buying products from Clinique will always give you satisfaction that you aren’t putting chemicals on your face. I honestly love Clinique skin products such as cleanser, toner and products for imperfections like for pores,etc.

So, im sure everybody is pretty aware of bb creams, ( blemish balms ) they originated from Korea. it is so popular among the women all over the world now. it is a cream based balm for face, which gives coverage and is also supposedly doing no-harm to your skin. it has the advantages of skin care & make up in one. it improves the skin condition and even’s it out as-well. it produces a very natural no make up look, hence covers all pigmentation , discolouration and acne scars , leaving an even natural flawless skin tone. no wonder this product has so much craze everywhere.




Okay now coming back to my new Clinique bb cream. the cover says it is a perfecting cream, conceals, helps prevent premature signs of ageing with UVA/UVB protection. unique complex of optics helps instantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Antioxidants help defend against environmental aggressors. anti irritants instantly smooth. long wearing , oil control formula  works beautifully under foundation or alone, skin feels smooth and soft . looks brighter and perfected.


Fairer , smooth, toned out skin tone, with the SPF protection, oil control & moisturised. then this is definitely what you should invest into. it gives me good coverage, skin feels evened out and smooth and brighter.

SHELF LIFE:-36 MONTHS ( pretty long 🙂 )


It gives me a very natural and beautiful coverage. i honestly love it and it is super smooth on my face and i might suggest that if you’re wanting that a little extra flawless even tone. you might like to use it after a concealer , for an extra oomph!!

PRICE: 1900 for 40 ml ( i know :/ )

Pro’s :

flawless coverage, even’s out the skin tone, has SPF in it so no worries about sun harm, available in 4 shades ( in number 1 2 3 4) , does reduce the appearance of fine lines. oil controlling, blends easily and feels light.

Con’s :

Too expensive