Clinique pore refining solutions: review

Hello people, hope everyone’s chilling! i literally mean chilling , the temperature’s crazy and yes, its freezing. But i still love the season (make up lasts for so long). today I’m writing about my Clinique pore minimiser, Okay, so i was looking for a product that would make my pores disappear. especially on my nose and cheek areas, and i always hated how i could see my pores after my make up would be on for few hours. it just makes the face look eww !! and i really wanted to get rid of the appearance of pores on my face and wanted a more even ,smooth flawless finish with my make up. i was actually told that primer does help decrease the appearance of pores, and i have to admit that yes it does, but does not really help 100% , they still somehow manage to show. so i really wanted a solution for this…. and guess what i found one. 🙂 

i was just cribbing to my aunt , telling her how i was so desperate to find one solution for my pores, she then suggested me this product from Clinique that she swears by. and its called the Clinique pore refining solution ( the name sounds so correct 😉 ) and then i couldn’t wait to grab one. i recently bought this and i wanted to do actually use it before i review on it. so i did and the results were awesome. its like a miracle tube, for all those willing to get rid of large pores, it like you use it and they just vanish , like they were never there before, and it helps build the foundation pretty well, so one can achieve the flawless and even complexion.

WHAT THE PRODUCT CLAIMS: It is called the pore refining solutions instant perfector,it reads, looks smooth & virtually flawless instantly. pores seem to disappear. Natural looking matte finish lasts up-to 8 hours as smart technology manages excess oil when and where needed. resists sweat and humidity.

it is available in 4 shades, i chose the invisible deep. the texture is very light and gel like. it blend really fast leaving absolutely no residue behind .

USAGE: i use it before my make up but i have actually come across people who also use it after their foundation. but i personally use it before my concealer and foundation and i  think it looks lovely and leaves a beautiful base to work the foundation. it comes in few shades and that really helps the product to blend in the skin and not look artificial on the skin. i really have pores and i use it after my moisturiser and before my primer. you can actually skip the primer and use the foundation directly after applying this, but i somehow like it before my primer, so it just makes my face so even and gives a good base to work the foundation well.i usually take a tiny pea size, and rub it on my problem areas and blend it well. and wait for minute before i dab on my primer over my face. 

PRETTY HANDY : it comes in a small tube , so you will have no issues dragging this along, because its so light and the tube make it so easy and hygienic to use.

CON’S: Too expensive ( its 1500 RS, for a tiny tiny tube – not fair :/ )

GRADE: Definitely an “A”