Inglot blushes + eye-shadows: review

Hello all the lovely people, today i want to share my views on my inglot blushers & eye shadows, which i have been using for quite some time now. i bought these in London Westfield ( oh i miss the place 😦 ) but coming back to the track, okay guys so, i got these in London, for my birthday. and i have been using these since. i picked up all these shades on my own, according to what i prefer. i picked up 4 big boxes of blushers/ bronzers, and 10 shades of bright beautiful colours of my eye shadows. okay, looking at my eye shadows, you guys must be wondering, why did i pick all these bright neon clouds, my answer to that will be because, i also use naked eyeshadows by urban decay, and that palette has all the nude basic colours one needs. but here, i wanted to go dig in these beautiful colours, and somehow thought that yes, i would love to wear these during the wedding season and experiment with them and my indian outfits, i have been wearing these a lot at night time, for like night functions, i do bold eyes with nude lips, i team up one bright colour with keeping the rest minimal and play the with the bright shadows , trust me guys, they look lovely.


USAGE: both their products come in very soft creamy yet powdery textures. they blend beautifully in the skin. they colour boxes are pretty decant in sizes , so they last for good amount of time and you can be liberal while using them. i usually blend one bright colour with the other toned down shade, and they’ve lasted me quite some time.

SHADES: inglot is such a brand that you need not worry about he colour, there colour range is beyond amazing. you can find any colour that you’re looking for, i mean the exact same colour, yes! i picked up these four lovely colours, in my blusher pallet, 1 rosy pink with a hint of shimmer and the other matte deep peachish colour with 2 bronzers, why?! because that is whenever i travel, i can just carry this simple case and my cheeks are sorted. its been some time that I’ve bought these so i don’t remember the exact shades, but then I’m posting the picture. and with my eye shadows, i went wild picking the brightest and gorgeous colours,because i wanted to own a palette with colours such as these, so experiment and go different on my eyes, and i must say they look spectacular , i promise to post a eye tutorial using these.



ABOUT PRODUCT: my favourite thing about these products is the way they are packed, they come in rectangular magnetic pan boxes, you just use the product and place the pan back,  you can even turn in upside down, nothing falls 😀 ( how cool)


  • amazing colour range
  • santin-like finish
  • blends beautifully into the skin
  • stays on for 6-7 hours 🙂
  • smooth textured powder
  • paraben free
  • value for money


  • nothing really 🙂


Guys, i would love your feedback. till then xx